Thomas Huber

October 26, 2007 - January 19, 2008
Thomas Huber belongs to a generation of artists, who received a very conceptual education in the early 1980s. Today his painting is still defined by the intellectual discourse on art. The artist writes texts about his paintings and delivers speeches at his exhibitions, which supply the scenes and objects depicted with a plot and additional meaning. Words and images connect, but both elements remain self-contained nevertheless.

His paintings always reflect on the paintings themselves, opening them to a discussion on what they are representing. Thematically the pictures always deal with art itself, for example the restrictions presented by painting, perspective, space and figures or the general question of representation.

For Thomas Huber the significance of art can only be found within the context of art. In his speeches and texts he has found a cadence of language, which accompanies listeners and readers through the imaginary pictorial space. Anyone entering Thomas Huber’s realm of ideas, takes part in his thoughts about the possibilities and boundaries of art.

Thomas Huber was born in Zurich in 1955. He lives and works in Düsseldorf.
A major retrospective of Thomas Huber’s paintings was exhibited in 2004 at the Krefelder Kunstmuseen. In 2008 the Museum Marta in Herford will be presenting an extensive show of his works.